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Goodbye George


George, our 2 year old rooster, left our farm yesterday.  His crime…too rough with the hens.  They were in danger of not having enough feathers and down on their backs to survive the winter.  They were trying to avoid him by staying outside the coop and pen and ended up roosting out in the elements, getting soaked.  Georgie Jr, his son, is taking a “time out” in a separate pen until the hens fully recover.  For the first time in weeks all of the hens spent the night sheltered in the coop.


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Kids for Sale! Update: All are on Deposit!

Kids for Sale!  1 doe, 2 bucks

All 3 have been dehorned and will be up to date on shots when they leave the farm.

Twins from Fairlea Avalon [dam] and MI Sugar Creek YO Toshiba [sire]

Avalon and her twins

Avalon and her twins

These kids are gorgeous, well- conformed and super lovable!  Avalon has an excellent, well attached udder.  Both kids are very sweet and friendly and would make an excellent contribution to your herd and the show ring!

doe  – Willow Meadow Mika – born 4/9/12  – $450

buck – Willow Meadow Kato – born 4/9/12 – $250

Willow Meadow Kato

One of triplets  from Fairlea Nashoba [dam] and *B NC Promiseland RB Bolero*S[sire].

buck – Willow Meadow Winston – born 4/11/12

Willow Meadow Winston

Winston is strong and long like his sire.  Nashoba is a  high capacity milker with large easy milking teats.  He has a sweet, curious and very friendly personality.  If you are looking for a herdshire with a great physique, super milking genetics and a charming personality, Winston is your guy!

Sale Price: $250

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Nashoba’s Triplets are 1 week old!

Fairlea Nashoba had triplet bucks on April 11, 2012. They were sired by *B NC Promiseland RB Bolero*S.

Buckling#1 – Dasher  – 3.75  lbs.

Buckling#2 – Dancer –  5.5 lbs

Buckling#3 – Prancer  – 4 lbs


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Nigerian Dwarf Goat kids for sale!

2 does for sale [and 2 bucks on reserve – deposit taken].

Does – available: 

These two does are beautiful – great conformation and friendly dispositions.  Here are their parents…

D:Twin Creeks Trace of Silver                S: Dragonfly G Watermark   

     S:Twin Creeks BW Spinnaker *S          S: MCH Twin Creeks Giacomo Puccini *S
     D:Twin Creeks WB Go For Gold           D: Dragonfly IH Sweetwater 5*D


Doe #1  Proctor  Hill Farm Water Splash 

Proctor Hill Farm Water Splash

Doe #2 Proctor Hill Farm Water Trace

Proctor Hill Farm Water Trace







Deposit recieved on the following 2 bucks:

.Buck #1 Willow Meadow Yarrow – We would like to sell Yarrow as an intact buck because he is so nice – correct conformation.  His mom, Avalon, is a first freshner with an exceptional udder.  Yarrow has great genetics. See his parents and grandparents, below.

D: Fairlea Avalon                                   S: Rosasharn TL Cauldron      

   S:Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax              S: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Tiger L +*S E

   D:Fairlea Hollyhock                              D: Rosasharn’s UK Witch Hazel5*DVG 5*DVG              



Willow Meadow Yarrow


Buck #2 Willow Meadow Pinto – He can be sold as an intact buck or he can be wethered before he  leaves our farm.  He is very nice, but his mom, Willow, is a first freshner and her milk capcaity has not been tested.  Pinto’s  maternal Granddam, Twin Creeks Trace of Silver, has amazing milk capacity and is an easy milker.   See  his parents and grandparents, below:

D: Proctor Hill Farm Willow                           S: Proctor Hill Farm Cuervo Gold *S      

 S: Dills LD Roulette                                                    S: NC PromisedLand RB Bolero *S
 D: TX Twin Creeks SPN Trace of Silver              D: CH Spring Fever Calista *D



Willow Meadow Pinto





Buyer will get to name them [italics part] when they are registered.

See sales page and breeding schedule for details. Package deals available.

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