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Duck flock reduction

Too many males! Nine young drakes left our farm yesterday. We now have 2 drakes and 9 ducks with a focus on egg production.


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We have 19 ducklings.  Grace, our Indian Runner duck hatched 8 ducklings on July 15th.  All are healthy and thriving amongst the corn, squash and broccoli in the garden.  They enjoy their own kiddy pool.

It looks  like at least one is pure Indian Runner.  One is a Khaki Campbell/Indian runner cross.

One is a Peking/ Swedish cross. Two are Indian Runner/Swedish.  Not sure of the other 3 or

gender yet.

Phaedra, our Khaki Campbell duck, hatched eleven ducklings 2 weeks ago.  They are living in the duckling “nursery”  – a 16′ X 4′ covered enclosure in the garden.  They are all mix breed – Swedish/Peking, Swedish Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell/Peking, Khaki Campbell/Indian Runner.

Phaedra’s babes at 2 weeks old.

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Sitting Ducks

Two of our hens have been sitting on eggs since the first week in June.  Lydia made her nest first in the brush pile in the pasture.  Several days later Grace made hers in the same brush pile about 2 feet away from Lydia.  The nests are built up with grass, sticks and mud about 4-5 inches high.  Our other 2 hens occasionally “egg sit” and give the sitting ducks a break.  The drakes keep watch over the nesting area.

Keeping watch.

Grace, Indian Runner duck, on her nest.

Lydia, well hidden in her nest.

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Over in the Meadow…

Our animals enjoy summer days in the meadow.

Splash leads the race through the meadow.

Water Trace and Yarrow sharing the garden bench

Trace gives her daughter a lesson in forage plants.


Willow chasing chickens!


Meadow ducks!



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