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Goodbye George


George, our 2 year old rooster, left our farm yesterday.  His crime…too rough with the hens.  They were in danger of not having enough feathers and down on their backs to survive the winter.  They were trying to avoid him by staying outside the coop and pen and ended up roosting out in the elements, getting soaked.  Georgie Jr, his son, is taking a “time out” in a separate pen until the hens fully recover.  For the first time in weeks all of the hens spent the night sheltered in the coop.


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New hens are enjoying their new home and pasture!

Foraging in the freshly mowed pasture.

Our young rooster has taken charge of our eight new hens.  He’s doing an excellent job leading them into the pasture by day and then back to the coop in the evening.   They have settled in nicely and are laying lots of eggs!

Georgie Junior and his new hens.

Free range heaven!

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New Hens added to our flock.

Last night Harold and I drove to Northwood, NH and picked up 8 hens from two wood-worker women.  They make amazingly beautiful wooden bowls, mantles, furniture and art pieces. They reluctantly had to give up their beloved hens due to vicious fox attacks.  The hens are  one and 1/2 years old and include 4 Buff Orpington, 2 Black Sex-links, 2 Lace Wyandottes.   They were sleeping when I put them in the coop and seem to be doing well this morning.  They are keeping to themselves as a group.  So far no fighting.  We will be adding a thick blanket of pasture grasses to keep them all occupied, digging and scratching.  Later today I’ll add more nesting boxes in the coop.

Welcome to your new home, girls.

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Over in the Meadow…

Our animals enjoy summer days in the meadow.

Splash leads the race through the meadow.

Water Trace and Yarrow sharing the garden bench

Trace gives her daughter a lesson in forage plants.


Willow chasing chickens!


Meadow ducks!



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Our does are begining to look pregnant…especially Nashoba and Trace.  I swear I felt babies as I gave them each a massage on the milk stand yesturday.

I cleared an area in the chicken run and spread out hay and hid cracked corn in it to give the chickens someting to do besides hang out in the coop.  They are laying beautiful, large eggs…in spite of the snowy and cold winter weather.

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Winter break is over!

Even though the weather is snowy and cold, winter break is over for our chickens.  I’ve shoveled the snow from their run and spread out hay for them to scratch in and nibble.  They are now laying 5-6 eggs per day. Eggs are available at $3.00/dozen.

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Our four does have been bred to handsome bucks from Proctor Hill Farm. [see Breeding Schedule page]  We are looking forward to our first kids in April!!

Our chickens have ended their “winter break” and are laying 5-7 eggs/day….in spite of the frigid weather.

We have put heaters in both the goat barn and the chicken coop in anticipation of sub-zero weather.

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Snowy Day

1/12/11 Snow Day

Cozy in the barn

Cooped up for the storm.

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