About Willow Meadow Farm

Willow Meadow Farm is a small family farm located in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for pets and high quality milk. We also raise standard chickens , ducks and grow all of our own vegetables.  We curretly have 5 goat kids for sale.  We have eggs for sale and will have chicks and vegetables for sale soon.

About our goats:                                                                                    Our goats are purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats registered with AGS [American goat Society]. They are bred to very fine registered bucks.  Our goal is to raise super friendly pets that produce delicious milk. 

We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats because they are easy to keep. They can be easily confined with a simple four foot fence and they do not require very much space.  Nigerian Dwarf Goats produce large quantities of high quality, nutritious milk for their size.  Our  first freshner, Nashoba, produces 2 quarts of milk each day.  Trace produced twice that amount.  As a breed, Nigerian Dwarf Goats are very calm and friendly.  Our goats know their names and come when they are called [usually].  They will walk with us on a leash and they love to be brushed and pet.  They are particularly careful and gentle with small children.  Visit our Doe page, Breeding Schedule page, Kids page and Sale page for more information.