Willow Meadow Farm has moved

Willow Meadow Farm , Lunenburg, MA as moved to Walla Walla , WA.

0n 9/15/2014, Harold Calcari, my husband and co-owner of Willow Meadow Farm passed away.  He was beloved by people and animals alike.  His loving, caring ways touched the hearts of many.


The goats were all sold to loving homes/farms.  The chickens traveled as a flock with their coop to a new farm.  I, Helen Boland, packed up a few belongings and along with my dogs, Micah and Sunny, traveled clear across the country to our new home In Walla Walla, WA.


At Willow Cottage Farm I raise chickens and many fruits and vegetables in the milder climate and longer growing season of eastern Washington.

Fresh, free range eggs for sale for $3.00/dozen002

I am available to farms to assist with goat birth, trim hooves and provide farm animal and pet care while you are away or unable to provide your own animal care.  img_0717


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