Changes at Willow Meadow Farm

photo (6)harold and doeling #1 2014It has been a while since we have posted due to family health issues.  Last summer we sold off our duck flock.  We have downsized our chicken flock to 10 hens and 1 rooster.

Health issues still require that we downsize our Nigerian Dwarf goat herd.

We currently have 10 goats.  Our 3 wethers, Chester, Winston and Bently will be going to a new farm this week.  They are enthusiastic brush clearers and will be helping with pasture restoration and eradication of invasives and poison ivy.  Willow Meadow Acadia, born last June, will be going with them to their new home.

We will also be selling our two fine bucks, Proctor Hill Farm Stormwarning, and Willow Meadow Victor Breton.  Check out our sale page.

We are having a late summer breeding season.  All kids will be available for sale.


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