Meet Gus, livestock guardian in training.

Gus moved to Willow Meadow Farm in January.  He is a lovable, bouncy 2 1/2 year old lab/Great Pyrenees.  Gus was born at Proctor Hill Farm with goats, poultry, barn cats and horses.  He then spent the next two years living in Worcester with a young family before coming to us.  He is very affectionate enthusiastic and eager to please like a lab  and calm and attentive to the goats and poultry like a Pyrenees.  He is an apprentice to Sunny, our Australian shepherd mix who is training him to patrol and guard the property.

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2 responses to “Meet Gus, livestock guardian in training.

  1. Sandra Eckenreiter

    Interested in Gus. Have a big farm. Live in MA. Is he up for adoption?

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