New Hens added to our flock.

Last night Harold and I drove to Northwood, NH and picked up 8 hens from two wood-worker women.  They make amazingly beautiful wooden bowls, mantles, furniture and art pieces. They reluctantly had to give up their beloved hens due to vicious fox attacks.  The hens are  one and 1/2 years old and include 4 Buff Orpington, 2 Black Sex-links, 2 Lace Wyandottes.   They were sleeping when I put them in the coop and seem to be doing well this morning.  They are keeping to themselves as a group.  So far no fighting.  We will be adding a thick blanket of pasture grasses to keep them all occupied, digging and scratching.  Later today I’ll add more nesting boxes in the coop.

Welcome to your new home, girls.


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