Willow Meadow Farm has moved

Willow Meadow Farm , Lunenburg, MA as moved to Walla Walla , WA.

0n 9/15/2014, Harold Calcari, my husband and co-owner of Willow Meadow Farm passed away.  He was beloved by people and animals alike.  His loving, caring ways touched the hearts of many.


The goats were all sold to loving homes/farms.  The chickens traveled as a flock with their coop to a new farm.  I, Helen Boland, packed up a few belongings and along with my dogs, Micah and Sunny, traveled clear across the country to our new home In Walla Walla, WA.


At Willow Cottage Farm I raise chickens and many fruits and vegetables in the milder climate and longer growing season of eastern Washington.

Fresh, free range eggs for sale for $3.00/dozen002

I am available to farms to assist with goat birth, trim hooves and provide farm animal and pet care while you are away or unable to provide your own animal care.  img_0717


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Changes at Willow Meadow Farm

photo (6)harold and doeling #1 2014It has been a while since we have posted due to family health issues.  Last summer we sold off our duck flock.  We have downsized our chicken flock to 10 hens and 1 rooster.

Health issues still require that we downsize our Nigerian Dwarf goat herd.

We currently have 10 goats.  Our 3 wethers, Chester, Winston and Bently will be going to a new farm this week.  They are enthusiastic brush clearers and will be helping with pasture restoration and eradication of invasives and poison ivy.  Willow Meadow Acadia, born last June, will be going with them to their new home.

We will also be selling our two fine bucks, Proctor Hill Farm Stormwarning, and Willow Meadow Victor Breton.  Check out our sale page.

We are having a late summer breeding season.  All kids will be available for sale.

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Baby Ducks!!!

I tried out my first  batch of duck eggs in my new incubator with SUCCESS!!

19 little baby ducks hatched this past week.  Mixed breed – Dads are Indian Runner and moms are Indian Runner, Khaki-Campbell, Swedish and crosses – Indian Runner/Peking, Indian Runner/Swedish.

Ducklings are available at $4.00 each, minimum of 4.

Pictures will be added soon.

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Meet Gus, livestock guardian in training.

Gus moved to Willow Meadow Farm in January.  He is a lovable, bouncy 2 1/2 year old lab/Great Pyrenees.  Gus was born at Proctor Hill Farm with goats, poultry, barn cats and horses.  He then spent the next two years living in Worcester with a young family before coming to us.  He is very affectionate enthusiastic and eager to please like a lab  and calm and attentive to the goats and poultry like a Pyrenees.  He is an apprentice to Sunny, our Australian shepherd mix who is training him to patrol and guard the property.

2013-02-09 09.42.442013-02-08 11.14.432013-02-08 11.10.502013-01-02 10.37.43


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Winter at Willow Meadow Farm

2013-01-16 07.29.462013-02-09 15.07.00





2013-01-16 07.39.022013-02-08 11.18.062013-02-09 10.19.33 2013-02-09 15.05.18 2013-02-08 11.41.232013-02-09 15.06.43

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Goodbye George


George, our 2 year old rooster, left our farm yesterday.  His crime…too rough with the hens.  They were in danger of not having enough feathers and down on their backs to survive the winter.  They were trying to avoid him by staying outside the coop and pen and ended up roosting out in the elements, getting soaked.  Georgie Jr, his son, is taking a “time out” in a separate pen until the hens fully recover.  For the first time in weeks all of the hens spent the night sheltered in the coop.

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Duck flock reduction

Too many males! Nine young drakes left our farm yesterday. We now have 2 drakes and 9 ducks with a focus on egg production.

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We have 19 ducklings.  Grace, our Indian Runner duck hatched 8 ducklings on July 15th.  All are healthy and thriving amongst the corn, squash and broccoli in the garden.  They enjoy their own kiddy pool.

It looks  like at least one is pure Indian Runner.  One is a Khaki Campbell/Indian runner cross.

One is a Peking/ Swedish cross. Two are Indian Runner/Swedish.  Not sure of the other 3 or

gender yet.

Phaedra, our Khaki Campbell duck, hatched eleven ducklings 2 weeks ago.  They are living in the duckling “nursery”  – a 16′ X 4′ covered enclosure in the garden.  They are all mix breed – Swedish/Peking, Swedish Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell/Peking, Khaki Campbell/Indian Runner.

Phaedra’s babes at 2 weeks old.

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Meet our new doe, Willow Meadow Fern.

We are retaining Willow’s doeling, Fern.  She is a beautiful and sweet doe and will make a great addition to our breeding program.

Dam: Proctor Hill Farm Willow            Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Indian Summer

Willow Meadow Fern

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Hot June days in the meadow.

Robin eggs in the trumpet vine along the fence.

Farmer joy!

Trace of Silver – browsing.



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